Medium Voltage Air Insulated Switchgear

Air insulated switchgear with vacuum circuit breaker Compartmentalized design
Draw-out and fixed type distribution switchgear
Designed as per IEC 62271-200
Service continuity and partition category LSC2A / PM as per IEC
Internal arc design and protection classification - ALFR as per IEC
Compatible with latest measuring and protection equipment

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage 12kV
Rated current 630A, 1250A
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Power frequency withstand voltage 28kV for 1min
Lightning impulse voltage 75 kVpeak
Short time current withstand capacity 25kA for 3sec
Degree of protection for enclosure IP4X / IP55
Design ambient temperature 40ºC

Switchgear enclosures are of self-supporting type and are made-up of 2mm sheet steel. Load bearing members are of 2.5/3mm sheets. Fabrication of sheet components is done using CNC and NC machines. Fabricated components are powder coated or zinc plated for surface protection. The freestanding functional units are extensible type.

Power components like circuit breaker, voltage transformers, current transformers and busbars are installed in separate compartment providing service continuity class LSC2A as per IEC62271-200. Metallic partitions are provided to segregate compartments. Busbar, circuit breaker and cable termination compartment are designed for internal arc protection.

Protection and Control
LV control and protection apparatus are mounted in separate compartment installed on front side of switchgear panel. OHM Energy switchgears are compatible with modern relays and monitoring equipment.

Quality Assurance
OHM Energy assures quality of all its product and services.

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