Low Voltage Air Insulated Switchgear

LV Switchgear is free standing, floor mounting, cubicle of sheet steel with rigid base
High quality CRCA sheets are used for fabricating the boards.
Maximum safety features like segregated Busbar systems, door interlocking and
   padlocking arrangement are included as basic features.
All sheet steel work is subjected to seven tank surface treatment and final painting is
   carried out by powder coating process.
Air Insulated Switchgear with compartmentalized design for outgoing feeders and
   maximum of 6 outgoing in a vertical panel.
Drawout Breaker of ABB / L&T / SCHNEIDER/ SIEMENS.
Suitable for rated current upto 5000 AMPS with short time withstand current of upto
   100kA for 3 sec.
Designed as per IS 8623-1993 / IEC 60439.

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage 415V
Rated Frequency 50 HZ
Rated Busbar Current UPTO 5000A
Rater of Feeder Circuit Current UPTO 5000A
Power frequency withstand Voltage 2.5 kV (for 1 minute)
Short time Current withstand capacity UPTO 100kA
Degree of protection for enclosure IP54

Current & Voltage Transformers
» Cast resin wound or tape wound current transformers can be supplied for various
   primary current ratings with 1/5 amps secondary current.
» Accuracy class & secondary burden shall be in line with measuring and protection
» Control transformer (fixed type) can be supplied on request.

Control & Protection Apparatus
All types of control and protection apparatus are in built with ACB

Reputed brand of Analog / Digital meters shall be provided to suit the customer requirements.

Type test
The panel is type tested for short circuit, temperature rise and ingress protection at CPRI.

Quality Assurance
OHM Energy assures quality of all its product and services.

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